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Dare you to move.

Okay, as long as I'd like to lay on the floor curled up in a fetal ball for the next four years, I'm daring you, in the words of Switchfoot, to move. We have four years. Four years that are looming with republicanism and little hope. But let's take those four years and be ready when election time comes around again, because as much as little georgie might think he's a king and appointed by god, his little stint is up.

First of all I called this journal A Democrat 2008 for one simple reason: That's all we need, a Democrat. And no matter who every one thinks should run, right now we need to work with generalities until the DNC and the states pick a runner.

This is a place for motivation, for early press work, for brainstorming. It's also a place to organize completely passive and legal protestations of the Bush administration. And ways to let John Kerry and John Edwards we appreciate all they have done and all they tried to do. And let them know we don't blame them. Hope is in Massachusetts.

There are many things to talk about, including the lack of youth turn out after all the hype of youth for kerry. The way absentee and provisional ballots are cast and counted. And the main thing, volunteering. Campaign volunteers are needed, even if it is a grassroots spread. We need to think of all this stuff now and have a system in place far before the next election.

So. I understand the hurt and feelings of brokenness and the desire to lie down and cry or drink for the next 4 years. I feel the same way. But right now we need to fight for our country and make sure there is the least possible amount of damage done. We need to be ready.

I Dare You To Move...Elect a Democrat 2008.
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